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We’re glad you dropped by. We hope you check the website often to see what’s new in rides and events. Schaumburg Bicycle Club members are a diverse group and while most put their bicycles away for the winter you would be surprised at how many of us are bicycling whenever the roads/trails are clear enough. Then there is cross-country skiing! Hiking in the snowy woods….January’s party. Join us as we keep busy making friends and having fun.

Our aim, our mission if you will, is for everyone to have a good time on SBC bicycle rides and events. The SBC goal is to offer bicycle rides for all ages, speeds, abilities, terrain.

Schaumburg Bicycle Club was formed in 1999 after participating in Schaumburg Park District’s Fahrrad Tour von Schaumburg that spring. Schaumburg and its surrounding communities have plenty of cyclists enjoying the local forest preserves and Schaumburg’s 89 miles of bikeways and paths. A bicycle club helps get more people on their bicycles, make friends and have fun.

September, 06:
  • Virgil Gilman Trail - Aurora
         25 miles/10-12 mph, casual speed
    September, 13:
  • St. Charles to Sycamore
         34 miles/10-13
    September, 14:
  • North Branch Trail to Chicago Botanic Gardens
         20 miles/10-12 mph, casual speed
  • Ride to the Botanic Gardens
         18 miles/10-12

  • September, 17:
  • clock tower to busse woods
         20 miles/10-12
    September, 20:
  • Ozaukee Trail to Port Washington, WI
         32 miles/10-12 mph
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