Ride Prairie Trail in McHenry County
June 18, 2022
9:30 AM

Join us for a ride on the Prairie Trail in McHenry County. (The Fox River Trail in Kane County becomes the Prairie Trail in McHenry County. Not to be confused with the Illinois Prairie Path or the Long Prairie Trail.) We will ride north on the McHenry Prairie Trail from McHenry to Richmond and back. The ride is about 22 miles. A mix of open and shade. This is mostly a rail trail, but there are a couple hills where the railroad right of way isn't followed exactly. Most of the trail is hard limestone.

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to prepare.

Restrooms may be open in Peterson Park, and are definitely open in Glacial Park, and North Branch. Water fountains may or may not be working. (Restrooms near the Peterson Park beach may not open until 10, but facilities near the picnic/playground area or ball field may be open sooner.)

Temperatures are expected in the mid-70s.

I expect to stop at the Dog & Suds in Richmond for lunch or root beer float. Your alternative might be the Rusty Malt in Ringwood for ice cream on the return trip.

Riders are welcome to enjoy an added leg on the Hebron Trail if they wish. It will add about 10 miles to your distance. I may do this added leg depending on time.

Reminders: Helmets are expected safety gear. Bikes should be in good condition. Guests are welcome to join us for one ride but are expected to join the club for additional rides (insurance requirements).

Starting Location:
Petersen (or Peterson) Park in McHenry. (4300 Petersen or Peterson Park Rd,
McHenry for GPS) Your choice of routes to Rt 31 north. Follow Rt 31 through McHenry (right on Elm, left on Richmond Rd). Turn left on McCullom Lake Rd (traffic light, Jiffy Lube on corner). Left into Peterson Park, go past the sports fields and over the railroad tracks to the beach parking on the right.

Distance: 22 miles
Average Speed: 10-12 mph
Leader: Wayne (heinmiller.il@prodigy.net)
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