Annual Strawberry Festival Ride
May 4, 2013

Stop at Trout Park to see spring wildflowers, then head to Lordís Park for Bethlehem Lutheran Church annual Strawberry Festival (indoors). Get a generous serving of homemade shortcake with fresh berries and whipped cream, includes coffee, tea or lemonade ($6, benefits local charities). Say hello to the 2 new buffalo in the park. Trail side trip to Dundee Depot option on return. This is a nice spring start-up ride, but can be chilly early May. Note--the SuperCroc exhibit should be set up at the library the day before--so stop & see the monster before you leave!

Starting Location:
Start from Gail Borden Library, 270 N Grove, Elgin , north pkg lot (near flags/statue

Distance: 8-15 miles
Average Speed: 8-10 mph
Leader: Jeanne Bereza (
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