Deer Grove Forest Preserve
October 11, 2014
9:30 am

There will be a combination of trails, paths, and side
streets. We will not be on any high traffic major roads, but we will cross a
couple. Distance will be about 30ish miles, depending on the route I use. Must
be able to do this distance and be able to bike 11-13 mph. I'm hoping that the
bathroom at Deer Grove will be open, but one never knows when they are closed
for the season. There will be another bathroom/snack break in the middle of
the ride, so bring granola bars or even a sandwich. We will take about 20
minutes for this break.

Starting Location:
The entrance is
off on Dundee Road (south side) in Palatine. Entrance is east of Smith Street
and west of Hicks Road.

Distance: 30 miles
Average Speed: 11-13
Leader: Cindy Barba (
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