Ride to the Botanic Gardens
October 15, 2014

We will start out heading south on the trail. This loop will take us down to Caldwell and Devon. We will turn around and have a short bathroom break at Bunker Hill Forest Preserve and then head back to the parking lot. This section will be about 16 miles. This should put us back at the parking lot for Harms Woods around 10:45 (or so). We will have another short break during which time any riders wanting to do only the north section will have a chance to sign in. We will ride north and into the Botanic Gardens--if the weather is as nice as the forecast, it will probably be quite crowded. We will lock our bikes and the group will have time to walk around the Gardens, eat lunch or a snack, and enjoy the weather! We will spend an hour and a quarter or so and then ride back to the parking lot. The north section loop is around 18 miles. This will make the total mileage 34 but with the breaks I think it will be very doable. Casual pace of 10-12 mph and this is a very well marked PAVED trail so faster riders welcome to go ahead.

Starting Location:
Our meeting point will be in the parking lot for Harms Woods (Groves 5 & 6) at 8:45 a.m. to get your bike ready to ride. The lot entrance is located on Harms Rd. just north of Golf Rd. Take Golf Rd. east to Harms Rd., turn north (left) onto Harms Rd.and at the first light (Old Orchard Rd.) turn left into the parking lot where we will meet

Distance: 18 miles
Average Speed: 10-12 mph
Leader: Lori Russo (loraynearusso@gmail.com)
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