Bike Ride Thursday night June 16th
June 16, 2016

This will be a 17 mile road ride on quiet roads and we will not be crossing any busy cross roads such as Algonquin/72. When we get back to Paul Douglas those who want at least a 20 mile ride we can ride a few more miles around Paul Douglas. You have lots of options.

17 miles---end of your ride

Ride three miles of Paul Douglas----20 mile ride

For a 25 mile ride you can ride the eight mile loop around Paul Douglas when you get back.

Sunset is at 8:28 PM and we are already losing a few minutes a day. I like the fact that we will be on a trail the last few miles as it starts to get dark. If I get a good attendance please put a light on your bike and join us on Thursday evening

Starting Location:
Meet at Paul Douglas Forest Preserve (the entrance to this forest preserve has a sign that says Grassy Ridge Meadow)
1182 W. Central Rd
Hoffman Estates

Distance: 17 miles - 20
Average Speed: 12-15
Leader: Joan (
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