Busse Loops and Lunch-variation
July 27, 2016
10 am

Meet me in the first parking lot for Busse off Biesner Rd. at 9:45 a.m. to get ready. We will start riding at 10:00 a.m.. We'll do two loops around Busse adding Howard and Anna's parking lot extra miles on both loops. We will not be heading over to our regular Subway. Instead we will continue on the trail back past the parking lot and take some side streets behind Alexian Brothers Hospital to the Elk Crossing Shopping Center. Choices for lunch include Sammy's (hot dogs, etc.), Panera, and (yes Howard) Subway. After we eat we will head back via side streets to the parking lot at Busse. Hoping to reach 20 or so miles for the ride. Casual pace with me leading from behind until we get to the side street part

Starting Location:
first parking lot for Busse off Biesner Rd

Distance: 20+
Average Speed: 10-13
Leader: Lori Russo (loraynearusso@gmail.com)
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