North Prairie Trail and Geocache
August 9, 2016
9:30 am

ride with a twist. Our ride starts at Whispering Oaks Park in McHenry, home of Fort McHenry. Ample parking and restrooms are available.

We will ride south into Sterns Woods. There are a couple miles of steep rolling hills in Sterns. Ride at your own pace through the hills. I usually walk the last bit to the top of each hill.

On the route we will look for one multi geocache with 7 stages. What is geocaching? It’s a hobby which incorporates orienteering, scavenger hunts, puzzles, history and new locations.

On our trip south, we will stop at 6 points along the path to gather clues to the location of the final site. Anticipated stop time is 2-3 minutes each. At the final geocache location, we will look for a hidden “treasure,” usually Tupperware containing a log to sign. No need to leave the trail or your bike.

Starting Location:
Whispering Oaks Park 4513 Front Royal Dr McHenry, Illinois 60050 (south of RT 120/west of RT 31)

Distance: 20+
Average Speed: 10-13
Leader: April (
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